Collection: Aluminum Rooftop Tent

Leading Aluminum Shell Roof Top Tent

We are a top manufacturer of aluminum shell roof top tent that has spent more than 10 years manufacturing roof top tents for export. However, our advantage is creating, and modernizing new materials, and having our patent. Our three primary products are car side awnings, soft rooftop tents, and hard shell rooftop tents. OEM and ODM are our primary lines of business, and we have shipped our goods to more than 30 different nations and areas.

With our dependable quality and prompt service, we enjoy a fantastic reputation on the international stage. Never has setting up camp been simpler. Therefore, you can put difficult tent poles and lengthy setups to rest with our aluminum shell roof top tent. Simply pull your car into a parking space, open the rooftop tent, and let the hydraulics take care of the rest. However, you'll have a roomy, cozy sleeping area ready for you to decompress in a matter of minutes.

Quality Aluminum Shell Roof Top Tent

Our rooftop tents are built around a strong yet lightweight aluminum shell. However, the unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio of this aerospace-grade material makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep the center of gravity of their vehicle low while making sure their gear is safe and secure. Therefore, our aluminum shell roof top tent can withstand the weather and offer years of dependable service. Whether you're traveling through rough terrain or driving along motorways, take our triangle hard top roof tent along.